Yield Guild Games ($YGG)

Is it a Good Coin to Invest in?


When you hear a coin is an NFT don’t be too quick to assume it is either Gaming or an artwork to be sold.

Don’t let Jide’s ignorance become yours!

The first time Jide heard about YGG, it was from a YouTuber Elliotrades, he classified it as NFT, Gaming and Metaverse. Weeks later, he came across this coin as part of his list of coins to make research on, only to find out it is not what he thought about the coin, that they actually do.

YGG is not an NFT, Gaming or Metaverse, it doesn’t have and doesn’t have plans of creating its own game.

So what do they do?

Just like the name implies, it is a guild to NFT and Metaverse games. They have a platform where they train their users on how to play-to-earn on various gaming projects in crypto. After training you, they can lend you some NFTs to start playing on these platforms. When you win, you will give them a percentage of your rewards. And if you’ve generated enough money you could pay back your loan.

After learning how to play-to-earn free of charge, the platform will lend me the required NFT to play-to-earn on Axie Infinity.

Their goal is to give developing countries the opportunity to play-to-earn on various Metaverse and Gaming without investing money.

They also received funding from different VCs. The most recent one is a16z invested $4.6m in their project.

YGG is in partnership with Sushiswap, Sipher, Star Atlas and other Crypto projects. One of their partnership models is buying these NFTs and Metaverse tokens before, during and after IDO at a cheaper rate.

Since their services are dependent on other projects, why have a token?

Currently, you can participate in yield farming on Sushiswap using your YGG.

When you stake your YGG tokens, you will get the following rewards;

How to become a scholar and to access the YGG platform.

Maybe you enjoy playing games and want to monetize your skill or time. Look no further, go through the link below to learn how to can become a scholar and play-to-earn

Do you want to buy and hold YGG, it is currently listed on Binance. You can buy it there.

Talk to you soon.



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