The Fate of Rollups Post Ethereum Merge.

  1. Different types of Rollup
  2. Why most people wouldn’t be using them anyways
  1. You can make blockchain have a higher transaction capacity. The problem with this type of scaling solution is that blockchains with bigger blocks become more difficult to verify, and the blockchain becomes more centralized. You and I don’t want a centralized blockchain.
  2. You can change how we use blockchain by conducting most of our transactions away from the main blockchain(layer 1) to a layer two protocol. The main blockchain has a smart contract that processes deposits and withdrawals to and fro layer 2. The smart contract also verifies proofs to ensure that activities on layer 2 follow its rules.

What is a Rollup?

There are two types of Rollups.

  1. Optimistic Rollup.
  2. ZK Rollup.



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Quincy Ememandu


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