Crypto 101 (Part 1)

How to Make Money in The Crypto Industry With or Without Money.

Bitcoin Chart

In December 2017, Bitcoin reached an All-Time High (ATH) of $19,834. Before then, many people didn’t want to involve themselves with anything that had to do with cryptocurrency because it sounded speculative to them.

And literally, neither understood the blockchain technology nor why Bitcoin was introduced.

But something caught my interest about people’s behaviour.

The same people who didn’t want to invest in Bitcoin started to FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) when Bitcoin peaked at $19,834, hoping that it would continue moving up until $30,000.

Little did they know that it was the end of the bull run for Bitcoin in 2017.

Fast forward November 2021, Bitcoin peaked at $68,000. Many people bought the top and are now waiting to return to $68,000 or above to sell off and leave the crypto market for good.

Both periods have one thing in common. After bitcoin peaked and bear run set in, many people left the crypto space to their everyday life.

No more monitoring of charts.

No more “when Lambo” memes.

No more hype from media houses.

No more high volume of interaction in Telegram groups.

If you are among those who bought the top or you didn’t invest in bitcoin yet, or you sold the top but felt what you have it not enough (you could have made more) or whatever your case may be, I am here to teach you how you can make money in the crypto space with or without money.

I will start with the ones you can invest your skills and time to earn money.

How to Make Money Without Money in Crypto.

You should earnestly make money in crypto without investing a dime, but time and skill are non-seasonal investments. It doesn’t know bear or bull run but hard work and consistency.

Below are how we can make money in crypto without investing our money.

Content Creation: I guess you must have read Crypto related news, blogs, videos and tweets.

As a content creator, you can write content for blogs, Whitepapers and social media pages and get paid in dollars. This service doesn’t know bear or bull market as. You have to understand how to write and understand the crypto space.

Content creation is not limited to writing. You can make and edit videos for YouTubers if you are a video editor.

If you are skilled in explaining topics with animation videos, you should look into that too.

Telegram & Discord Moderator: If you are conversant with crypto Telegram groups, there is always this set of guys who are constantly there engaging the community and answering questions.

The CEO rarely comments, but these other guys are like the engine of the community. If you drop a question by 2 am, they will give you a detailed response. You might be thinking they are bots. Well, they are not. They are human beings like you and me who are getting paid to do their job of engaging and keeping the community lively.

Who is this job for?

If you have good social skills, then go for it. You don’t need certificates to get started.

Social Media Management: Some social media accounts owners, especially Twitter, have a substantial amount of followers and, for the sake of it, want to keep the engagement level up. Some do not have time to keep up with the engagement, so they hire a social media manager to create engaging posts and engage the followers.

It is not only individuals that hire social media managers; crypto firms also employ social media managers.

So if you can create and engage the followers on crypto-related topics, this job should be for you. It is important to note that they will ask you for your previous work if you are hired. I guess you’re just starting; you do not have any. Some will include growing the social media account as part of the deal.

You have to practise with your own Twitter as your CV to get these jobs. Some employers will ask you if you’ve ever managed a Twitter account before. You don’t want to tell them, no, but the skill is intrinsic.

Blockchain Developer: There are two kinds of blockchain developers:

I won’t go into details on the kinds of blockchain developers.

New crypto projects launch every day. Some create their blockchain, while some build on an existing blockchain. It is the job of a blockchain developer to develop these projects and make them easy for a layman’s usage.

UI/UX, programmers, graphic designers, web designers are also needed during this process.

YouTube Script Writer: Some YouTubers pay scriptwriters to write Youtube scripts for them. That is one of the reasons you see those who make videos with their faces showing, keep their faces on the screen, so they don’t miss a line. They are not looking at the camera. Some who don’t show their faces also use scripts to communicate their points.

So this is where you, as a scriptwriter, come in. You research and write scripts.

Blockchain Researcher: Blockchain researchers investigate trends, upcoming trends and ideas behind a project to ascertain if they have good fundamentals.

It is the job of a researcher to get in-depth information, make it concise and make it actionable for whoever he will be submitting it to.

Copywriter: If you have Copywriting skills, you have a position to fill. Individuals and firms have services they render to the public, such as investment opportunities in the crypto space, premium groups, coaching programs, crypto courses, etc. They need individuals with Copywriting skills to write their sales copy for them, and this is where your services come in.

You can also write a sales copy for people that want to launch a new project, offering ICO/IDO/ILO/IEO.

Airdrop Hunting: I deliberately wanted this to be the last point before moving to “How to Make Money With Money in Crypto” because I want this to stick in your head.

Airdrop is a token a project gives to its community members due to tasks they accomplished. It is a way for a project to get more community members and keep them engaged in their group. To skip the troubles of SEC, some projects reflect doing ICO and share their token with their community members.

When you are given airdrop and are worth something, you will need a gas fee to redeem them.

There are two kinds of airdrop.

Airdrop by task: Some projects will give you certain charges to be eligible to get their free token. These tasks include filling forms, sharing links, referring your friends, posting in your social media account, engaging in the community, etc.

It would help if you had these mobile apps — Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

Airdrop by Money: Some projects will require you to use your money to interact on their platform to be eligible to get their airdrop.

For example, in 2020, Uniswap gave its community 400 Uniswap tokens to those who interacted with their platform within a certain period; you need to have some Ethereum to cover gas fees and buy a pass on that form. When you buy a ticket, you can swap it back to Ethereum, and that’s all; you’ve done your part.

So literally, the airdrop is not free (I thought airdrops were meant to be free of charge? Why include airdrop and not accessible in the same sentence?)

These kinds of airdrop have a lower barrier of entry which could turn to more than 10x.


You don’t need money to invest in crypto. You can invest your time and skills to earn in the crypto space. If you can write, make animation videos, design graphics, you can get paid doing these in this crypto space.

You will engage within the crypto space if you have good communication and organisational skills, social media management, Telegram and Discord moderator.

If you have excellent attention to detail and can pick information when anyone least expected it, then the researcher is something you should consider doing. This also includes scriptwriters and copywriters because they need research to back up their claims but produce different results.

If you are a programmer, UX/UI designer, software engineer, software developer, blockchain developer and other related fields, there is an opportunity for you in the crypto space.

You can’t tell me that these projects don’t have mobile apps. When you visit the website of some projects, you wouldn’t want to leave; their UX/UI is very top-notch.

If you do not have a skill, then airdrop hunting is what you should consider doing. And while you’re hunting for airdrops, you develop skills around what you love doing and offer to people in exchange for money.

……… or you could offer it to me in exchange for thank you.

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If you didn’t, let me know in the comment section.

Here is Part 2 of this article where I talked about How to Make Money With Money in Crypto.




Content Writer and Strategist. I Write Web3, NFT and DeFi Related Content For Agencies And Crypto Projects. Reach out to me via

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Quincy Ememandu

Content Writer and Strategist. I Write Web3, NFT and DeFi Related Content For Agencies And Crypto Projects. Reach out to me via