Characteristics of a Good Offer as a Freelancer.

Quincy Ememandu
2 min readJul 10, 2022

As a Freelance or any service-based occupation, if you haven’t been getting job offers, you should check your offer.

This is how you can craft a good offer.

1. Give your client a clear solution to their problem and add previous results.

2. Make your solution fast. If it takes you 14 days to write a sales letter, can it be shortened to 10 days? If yes, what stops you from shortening it?

3. Your results should be measurable, in the sense that, if you write a Twitter thread or Linkedin post (just as I do) for your client, does it increase engagement?

As a virtual assistant, are you making it easier for your boss to have a life outside his business while everything is getting done?

If your client can see your results it is a sure way of being a retainer. You could also ask for an increase in payment.

4. You have to be willing to do what others are not doing. As a Facebook Ads copywriter, you may extend your service to write the landing page for your client.

This is what most ad copywriters do, but they do not mention it on their offer.

Merely mentioning it in your offer can give you an edge over others.



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